Over the 25 years of business we have developed professional partnerships with a number of key shipping partners. Through working in great detail with our customers on their packing specifications and in most cases developing the packing specification with the customer to a tight budget we have shipped product safely and on time to places like Larne in NI, Kent in England, South Carolina in USA and Frankfurt in Germany.

We keep a detailed shipping log and we link to a photograph of each shipment with the curtains open so in the very rare event of an issue we have a baseline of how parts were packed. We have where customers wanted developed a system like the hire car companies where we check the externals of some large product before it leaves and the customer gets the paperwork and does the same on his side, these systems are developed to protect the customer and have greater control on the shipping process.

Because of the number of 40ft vehicles we have moving all the time within Ireland and the UK we can offer consolidated shipment to clients who may not have full loads but don’t want to use companies where their product will be handled a number of times. We put it up once and it will only be touched again when the customer goes to unload unless the customer wants something else.

Working with some of the largest OEM’s in the world we are used to integrated order systems where we become part of their system and the shipping of the product is done on-line. We have found each customer has a slightly different slant on how they want parts labelled and shipped and over the years we have purchased the software and the labelling hardware to deal with all our customer needs.

Below is just some of our solutions but please let us know if you have other requirements as we are sure we can meet it.

  1. Same day Irish/Northern Ireland delivery
  1. 24 hour express UK delivery
  2. 48 hour standard UK delivery
  3. 48 hour Europe delivery
  4. Truck packing software can be shared with customer to get best utilization
  5. Custom packaging designed on request (return stillages a speciality)
  6. Bar Coding and bespoke labelling as required
  7. Consolidated shipments to Ireland and the UK
  8. Darwin system on site.