Innovation through Integration


Acoustic Enclosures
Acoustic Enclosures

Our enclosures can be built with all locks, hinges, acoustic foam, wiring, e-stops, exhaust systems etc. in situ providing a solution which increases OEM end machine output.


Telecoms Enclosures
electric enclosure

Our enclosures are designed to provide longevity performance in the harshest environments while ensuring the maximum security and ideal internal operating conditions for electronic components and associated cabling.


Fuel & Hydraulic Tanks
hydraulic tanks

Keltech’s supply of fully integrated and flushed tanks increase our OEM client's build output as tanks are machine-ready at final assembly stage.


Overhead Guards and Integrated Cabins

Our Cabins are designed and manufactured with futuristic appeal, using our own bespoke curved arrow head profile, curved front windscreens along with sliding or hinged doors as desired to allow the operator have maximum visibility and security.


Keltech - Contract Manufacturing

Keltech is a Contract Manufacturing partner specialising in the supply of integrated metal assemblies with a focused level of expertise in: Acoustic Enclosures, Tanks, Cabins & Over-Head Guards and Telecommunications Enclosures. Partnering with Keltech gives you freedom and security to expand your business whilst benefiting from industry leading expertise, service and guaranteed levels of quality.

Ideally located in the South East of Ireland, Keltech has 90,000 sqft of modern production facilities that serve customers in Ireland, Northern Ireland, The UK, Mainland Europe and the United States. With a continually growing staff of 130 and sales of over €15M, we are committed to delivering the service expected by our customer base, which ranges from globally recognisable OEM brands to public agencies looking for a reliable customer unique solution.

Continuous improvement of processes, plant and most important our people is central to achieving our business objectives. The training and development of our employees provides Keltech with a significant competitive edge in the market place.

Keltech helps OEMS to:

  • Improve Machine output
  • Reduce stock levels
  • Remove the need for sub assembly cells
  • Improve quality
  • Improve design
  • Increase profits

Interested in finding out more or want to organise a visit to our facility? Head to the the contact us page where we would be delighted to hear from you.

Is your manufacturing operation undermining business growth?

Outsourcing decisions can be as a result of a specific, short term, operational need or as part of a forward looking strategy. Are you experiencing capacity issues in sub assembly cells? Are you struggling to recruit staff with the correct skills to keep you ahead of the competition? Is further investment in plant and equipment the right decision for your business?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your Engineers spend too much time in the factory on non-value add activity
  • You are unable to react to the changes in customer demand in your industry
  • Troughs in your sales cycle result in inefficient down time
  • Your core skill set is not in material procurement, sub assembly and test
  • You are more about design, innovation and customer service
  • Supply chain problems have led to you not meeting/exceeding the end customers’ expectations
keltech team

People & Training

At Keltech our key competitive advantage is our people. For us the equation is simple: Structured personal development equals long term organisational development.

Meet Our People
precision engineering


All under one roof Keltech houses state of the art : Cutting, Forming, Welding, Chemical Pretreatment, Painting and Final Assembly facilities at our 90,000 sqft plant.

keltech contract manufacturing

Career Opportunities

Are you interested in a career in an exciting, fast paced environment with plenty of opportunity for progression? We're always on the look out for talented people to join our team.

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